Thursday, 8 December 2016

Fairfax-Nielsen poll - Exploring a Post-Key World

Fairfax-Nielsen Poll

Weighted On-line Poll conducted in the immediate wake of  Key's shock resignation on Monday (carried out "on the evening of December 5, the day John Key announced his resignation, and on the morning of December 6").

 Fairfax-Nielsen    Next National Party Leader Poll              
   Who should be the next National Party leader and Prime Minister ?     
     Don't Know  39%          Bill English  37%          Steven Joyce  6%      
     Judith Collins 4%           Paula Bennett 4%         Amy Adams 3%       
                                                                                             Other 6%         

 Fairfax-Nielsen     Political Fallout  Poll                                   
   How does John Key stepping down affect your likelihood to vote for   
   National at next year's election ?                                                             
      Much More Likely to Vote National    5%                                            
      Slightly More Likely to Vote National  4%                                          
                                                                 (= 9%)                                        
       Makes No Difference  75%                                                                  
       Slightly Less Likely to Vote National  9%                                           
       Much Less Likely to Vote National     7%                                          
                                                               (= 16%)                                        

 Fairfax-Nielsen    Main Beneficiary of Key Resignation      
     Who is the main Beneficiary of John Key's  Resignation ?                   
             Labour  46%              NZF  9%              National  8%                    
                                 (No Other Data Provided)                                          

 Fairfax-Nielsen        Early Election Poll                              
       Should there be an Early Election ?                                              
      Yes - as soon as possible  17%                                                      
       Yes - in next 6 Months    13%                                                       
                                             (= 30%)                                                    
        No - New Person should be given some time   37%                    
        No - It makes no difference anyway                  24%                    
                                                                                (= 61%)                 
         Don't Know  9%